writer // educator

Frontier Poetry — finalist for the 2019 industry prize

“Permission to speak freely”

wildness literary journal — forthcoming

“And that fast, i’m thinking about the bodies”

Cordite Poetry review — forthcoming

“Like Smoke Does”

Muzzle magazine

“I keep god under my bed”

Passages North — Honorable Mention for the 2019 Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize judged by tarfia faizullah

“Hidden Bombs in my coochie”

Porter House Review — forthcoming

“Recognized Language”

duende — forthcoming

“Feast,” “Because baba doesn’t speak”

The offing — forthcoming

“Why I’m silent About the lament” a translation

oxford review — forthcoming

“Adeni Tea Time-warps my father”

the boiler

“Ablution with zem zem water”

2018 Best of the net anthology, Sundress publications

“Sympathy for foreign mothers”

the adroit journal, semi-finalist for the 2019 Djanikian Scholars program

“Portrait With This Country”

Tinderbox Poetry Journal, winner of the 2018 Brett elizabeth Jenkins poetry prize judged by zeina hashem beck

“Yemen Is”

Baltimore Review

“Sympathy For Foreign Mothers”

Track // Four


Ninth Annual Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival (Vol. 9)

“Ode to Socotra,” “Portrait of Sadiyah in Socotra,” “Stranded on Socotra Island”


“Leech,” “Afraid Of The Man With Small Hands”

The Coil Winner of Alternating current’s 2017 unsilenced grant for muslim american women writers

“Meditation On Birth and Identity”

Atlantis Magazine

“On Top,” “Consequences,” “Confession”


“spray of citrus and a month-long suffering”

Poets & Writers, interview with kevin larimer for the annual mfa feature

Red hen press, new moons anthology: contemporary writing by north american muslims with kazim ali — forthcoming 2021

“Spray of citrus and a month-long suffering,” “Raghead gains enlightenment”

Bacopa Literary review

“Ode To dance”

Nimrod International Journal of poetry and prose

“When I was nine,” “Mining Cave in THammar,” “Yemen pleated with divine origami,” “Yemen Storm”

the lascaux review, finalist in the 2018 lascaux prize in poetry

“Pit-stop sisters”

penguin books, tales from many muslim worlds anthology — forthcoming

“caged angel”

soundings east, winner of the 2019 Claire Keyes poetry award judged by Sean Thomas Dougherty

smiling through the blood,” “robbery,” “to face a father”

Z Publishing House: North Carolina’s Best Emerging Poets

“Coffee Arabica”

Kakalak Magazine

“Fishing with My Brother,” “Shelled School in South Gaza”

Day One, chosen by morgan parker


Windhover Magazine

“Moore Square Station At Night,” “Marbles”

Oakland Arts Review

“Elegy To Baqar The Goat”